Our Executive Offers​

Experience unparalleled personal and professional development with the Discovery Centre’s executive offer, led by our experienced team led by Mfon Ekpo. This exclusive package provides personalized coaching and a comprehensive suite of resources to help high-performing individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. 

Personal Coaching

Experience the pinnacle of personal coaching with our founder Mfon Ekpo through our exclusive 90-minute in-depth consultation, designed for individuals who are committed to reaching the highest levels of personal and professional success

Eagles nest Mastermind

This is an exclusive year-long program designed for high-profile individuals committed to achieving exceptional results. Members gain access to life-building sessions featuring diverse speakers, personalized coaching, and networking opportunities with other high-profile individuals in the group.

Corporate coaching

Experience human success and maximize your team's output by harnessing the genius within them with our corporate coaching program. We provide personalized guidance to help unlock the full potential of your team.

There's a better version of you undiscovered

Working with Mfon Ekpo, known as the African Thunder, is the key to unlocking the version of yourself that has yet to be discovered. With her vast experience and unique approach to personal development, Mfon has the ability to help you tap into your inner genius and reach new levels of success. Her coaching and mentoring style is renowned for helping individuals break through limiting beliefs and barriers to achieve their full potential. When Mfon speaks, souls awaken - and with her guidance, you can harness the power within yourself to achieve greatness.

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