Unlock the Money Code

Join Paul Martinelli and Mfon Ekpo for a one-day webinar that provides a practical program to discover the key to your financial success. This webinar will instill the mindset necessary to unlock the secrets of achieving financial success while aligning your life with purpose and vision.

Renowned coaches Mfon Ekpo and Paul Martenelli will be there to guide you through a stream of intentional teachings to set your vibration, tune your energy into what’s possible for your life, and inspire your belief that your dreams are not just a potential distant outcome, but are entirely realistic here and now.

What our clients say

I spent the past 9 hours (not relaxing) but peeling away layers and dealing with the realization of some hard core next steps. My sister's friend, Mfon Ekpo from Nigeria, coached us through The Blueprint of How seminar. It was Amazing! When you are committed to your vision (plan); you are committed to doing what it takes to get there. invest in yourself Don't get in your own way! Do what it takes and yes, get a Coach!

Camille Trott

I had the privilege of attending Mfon Ekpo's Blueprint of HOW seminar in Abuja, which lasted for 8 hours. It was a transformative experience where we delved into topics such as purpose, vision, goals, passion, fear, status quo, future, results, and rewards. The words that seemed commonplace before suddenly took on a new meaning. As a participant, I went through a metaphorical birthing process alongside 30 other pregnant women, and I feel enlightened and empowered to change the world and the lives of those around me. I am excited about the future and the possibilities it holds for my social, professional, spiritual, economic, and financial growth. With this newfound clarity, I am motivated to pursue my dreams and touch the lives of others.

Alheri Dee-dee Loma-Osinuga

I owe my success to Paul, my mentor who guided me through the journey of building my business from scratch. Thanks to his expertise, I was able to exceed my previous salary in just two years of entrepreneurship, despite my lack of experience. Paul helped me overcome my self-imposed limitations, giving me the confidence to pursue my aspirations and think beyond my comfort zone. I am grateful for his unwavering support and guidance, which put me on the path to achieving the life I've always envisioned. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Jenna M. Armato

Join Mfon & Paul In the breakthrough you've been looking for

If you’re struggling to bring about real change in your life, it may be time to tap into your inner resources. Join the Money Code webinar with like-minded individuals to gain clarity on your potential and explore new possibilities. Don’t hesitate to make your dream of unlocking the secrets to your money goals a reality. Enroll today and start making progress toward achieving your financial aspirations.

secure your seat, unlock your money code

Are you truly committed to exploring uncharted depths, pushing yourself further than ever before? Are you ready to undertake the most challenging work of all – an internal exploration that challenges the most deeply ingrained paradigms, including those you may not yet have recognized? Do you possess a burning desire for transformation and change in every aspect of your life?

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